Sarah Jessica Parker's Broadway Past Will Come in Handy on 'Glee' (PHOTO)

chris colfer and sarah jessica parkerRemember back when Carrie Bradshaw wrote for fierce Vogue editor, Enid, played by Candice Bergen? Now Sarah Jessica Parker might want to call Candice for some pointers ... Because on the new season of Glee, SJP's playing Isabelle Klempt, a "quirky" fashion editor who becomes Kurt's mentor when he lands an exciting internship with Squee!

What's more, we don't have to wait to see her "in character." Just yesterday, Ryan Murphy tweeted the very first photo of the fashionable duo, writing, "First scene! Kurt and Isabelle." And then Chris Colfer retweeted the photo, exclaiming, "I love her - I love her! Can we keep her?" Too cute! I'm sure that's exactly how the whole cast feels about SJP. How can you not love her?!


Of course we're also excited about Kate Hudson, Whoopi Goldberg, and a slew of other A-listers making appearances on the show's fourth season, but SJP beats 'em all. (Especially Gwynnie P.!)

Sure, you may know her best as Carrie Bradshaw, but the woman has a track record of being a triple threat. She was trained in singing and ballet as a youngster in NYC and starred in Broadway's Annie and dance flicks Footloose and Girls Just Want to Have Fun (a personal fave of mine!). In short, there's nothing she can't do, so I think we can rest assured that her performance as Isabelle -- including the track she recently recorded with Chris and Lea Michele -- will blow our minds.

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Singin' and dancin' skills aside, I can't think of any actress better suited to introduce our fave former Lima-ites to the high fashion world of Manhattan. Having her as an addition to the show will be a real treat. Clearly, I'm with Chris! Hopefully, Ryan Murphy decides they will "keep her."

Are you psyched to see SJP on Glee?


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