Prince Harry & Ryan Lochte Splash in a Pool Together (VIDEO)

ryan lochteI don't claim to be a foam-finger-carrying sports fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching the summer Olympics this year. And I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ryan Lochte -- regardless of his inability to "speak good". So when I saw this video of him having an impromptu breaststroke swim meet at a Vegas hotel pool -- against Prince Harry -- um, yeah, I clicked. And I can't tell you the last time I spent 49 seconds so productively.


Check it out:

Worth it, right?

Ryan and Harry -- who supposedly jumped in in his jeans -- are just two dudes, totally and completely sober, hanging out in a Las Vegas pool at 3:00 in the morning, unwinding after their gigs at the Summer Games. What's not to love? They're adorable! And they're reuniting our competeing countries the way our Founding Fathers would have wanted: Through booze and bikini-clad babes.

Prince Harry or Ryan Lochte? Go!

Image via nrcphotos/Flickr

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