Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Disappoint Twi-Hards in the Worst Way Possible

kristen stewartSo, for my third and final installment of RPattz/KStew blog posts today, I bring you this heart-breaking tid-bit of news: Neither Kristen Stewart nor Robert Pattinson will be attending the final four Twilight conventions. And if that isn't enough to officially drive Twi-Hards off the deep end, Taylor Lautner is adding insult to injury by bailing out of the events, also. Wow, guys. Just ... wow.

Now, I get KStew and RPattz not wanting to be within a 30-mile radius of one another until the day they inevitably reunite and all is restored in humanity, but why can't one of them attend? 


Not totally sure if they're in on the joke of their fame or not, but fact of the matter is, Stewart and Pattinson are as beloved and famous as they are because of oft-hysterical Twilight fans. They may be ridiculous and a tad manic at times, but Twi-Hards are what made both of these actors, plain and simple. Why punish them for what's going on in their personal lives? People wait months for these conventions in hopes of nabbing a photo or even a glance at one of these crazy kids. And, side bar, people don't usually get to get out of work functions just because they're in the midst of a bad break-up. Just saying.

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Annnd guess what else, kids? The individual entities that collectively made up Robsten won't be attending the MTV VMAs either. No word as to whether it's solely because of their break-up/current media frenzy, as Kristen supposedly will be in Toronto promoting some movie or something and Rob "never was confirmed in the first place", but still. Come on. Throw a Twi-Hard a frickin' bone here, for chrissake. 

I've gotta be honest, when I heard the news that neither one of the actors will be attending the conventions or the VMAs, one thing immediately came to mind: This whole scenario is a stunt. Things are starting to seem too weird and premeditated and bizarre info is leaking now. I don't know. Everything's beginning to feel very meta. Or perhaps that's just wishful thinking. Perhaps KStew really did cheat on RPattz, and the world will never be right again. What do we do then, guys, what do we do then?

Do you think at least of one these guys should attend Twilight functions?


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