Remember Director Tony Scott With Scenes From 5 of His Greatest Films (VIDEOS)

Tony ScottTony Scott was an inspiring man known for his reoccurring collaborations with some of Hollywood's biggest name stars including Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken, and Tom Cruise. It's a somber day today as details emerge about Scott's unexpected death over the weekend. Scott, who allegedly had inoperable brain cancer, jumped to his death Sunday afternoon from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles, according to the local authorities.

The British-born director and producer left a suicide note in his car parked near the bridge which contained contact information for family and friends another at his office. He leaves behind his wife Donna and two young sons.

This is undoubtedly a harsh blow for Scott's family, friends, and the entire entertainment industry. Today, let's celebrate the legacy left behind by one of Hollywood's greatest directors by taking a look at 6 great clips from a few of Tony Scott's best movies:


1. Top Gun

Oh, a young Tom Cruise. There's never been a dreamier on-screen pilot than Lieutenant Pete Maverick Mitchell. Well, aside from Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbor.

2. True Romance

Those three words. And how adorable is little Elvis? I can't.

3. Enemy of the State

I've always loved Will Smith as an actor, but I thought he was great as Clayton Dean. Looking back on it, it's crazy to ponder the thought process that went into this movie and all of the themes. Eerie, even.

4. The Taking of Pelham 123

... Holy. Shit. John Travolta at his best? It's debatable. I still have flashbacks to seeing this movie in theaters when I get on the subway here in New York.

5. Unstoppable

Denzel Washington's intensity is purely addicting.

Are you a fan of Tony Scott's movies? Which one is your favorite?

Image via Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

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