Kristen Stewart Deserves as Much Public Support as Robert Pattinson, If Not More

Kristen StewartIt feels like an eternity, but it's been just 28 days since the Kristen Stewart kissing Rupert Sanders revelation rocked the world, and still no sign of people letting up on their public crucifiction of Stewart. You would think that Robert Pattinson coming out of hiding to promote Cosmopolis and even making little jokes on talk shows, showing that life does go on, would cause people to ease off a little. Liberty Ross, Sanders' wife, just today, finally, posted something new to her blog for British Vogue -- simply a picture of a condor in flight (let the speculation about that symbolism begin ...). " Rupert Sanders has been photographed out and about, too, wearing his wedding ring, reportedly coming in and out of a building that may or may not contain the offices of marriage counselors. People are moving on, dealing, healing, changing ... except perhaps Kristen Stewart. And that's just sad and unfair.


Stewart is the only one who, with the exception of her backfired public apology in the beginning, is still in hiding. How can we blame her the way this witch hunt is playing out? It shows no sign of easing up. There are even "Kristen Stewart is a trampire" T-shirts now. Meanwhile, Rupert Sanders, who is just as guilty and deserving of a public flaying as Kristen, is nary a blip in the gossip headlines anymore. He, who leaves a lot more collateral in his wake than a 22-year-old KID who was just doing what everyone did when they were 22 years old: making dumb mistakes and hopefully learning from them. But how many "Rupert Sanders is a cheating director" T-shirts are coming out for people to order for $20 a pop?

Yeah we get it. Kristen Stewart is the NAME here. More cheating scandals (i.e. -- politicians) seem to have women as victims, so this is a refreshing change.

We're also (as a culture) jealous of Kristen, as we are of all young, beautiful celebrities, especially one who snags the world's most desirable man. So being all catty and mean makes all those people who never really evolved much past high school (or who are still in high school) feel pretty good about themselves.

That explains it, but it does not condone it.

Kristen Stewart IS scheduled to come out of hiding very soon. Not to promote Twilight, though. She, Pattinson, and even Taylor Lautner have opted out this year. This should not be a shocker.  Rather, Stewart, who has reportedly been hiding out at her parents' house all this time, is scheduled to appear at the Toronto International Film Festival a few weeks from now to promote her film On the Road. You know, the one where she appears topless?

So if everyone thought Robert Pattinson appearing on Jon Stewart and GMA was a DVR-worthy event, just wait till that second week in September when all eyes will be on that red carpet and all ears will be on what some reporter can manage to get Stewart to say about anything related to Robert Pattinson or Rupert Sanders. I just hope those reporters treat Stewart with the same understanding and empathy as they've done with Pattinson. Yes, even though she was the one who cheated, she's more than well aware of her deception and is hurting too -- probably moreso -- and deserves just as much kindness and support to move on with her life.

Not that they will get anything out of her, anyway. You just know Kristen's been practicing her "dodging" strategies by the master on GMA and the Daily Show, replaying it over and over again many, many, many times. You just know she has.

How should Kristen Stewart handle her first public appearance since the scandal broke? Should she use Pattinson's approach?

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