Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy SHOW Us They Are In Love! (VIDEO)

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift is rocking her new relationship with Conor Kennedy and it is awesome! There is a great picture out of them at the beach, polka dot bikini for her, some kind of blue bathing suit/shorts combo for him -- and they just look -- happy. Also, with this picture comes an adorable look at the affection they have for each other. It is such a simple gesture -- they are holding hands -- but how many times have we seen body language play into the make or break of a celebrity relationship? It is so obvious that they love being together -- and I think we should be rooting for them.


Taylor has been a punching bag for so long to people who don't like her music or find her annoying. But can we remember for a moment that she is only 22, and oh, right, it's not her job to make us like her. So maybe her personal life is in our face a little more than other celebs, partially because of how she works details of her break-ups into her music, but come on ... that is also kind of awesome. Wouldn't you want to be able to write a killer song after a break-up and make some money off that heartbreak? Plus, every other artist out there does the same thing.

I'm psyched for her new relationship with Kennedy. It reminds me of those summer boyfriends from when I was younger. Totally carefree. And maybe this one will work out. Crazier things have happened!

Do you think this Kennedy/Swift romance will last?


Photo via SplashNews

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