'True Blood' Spoiler: WHO Gets Turned Into a Vampire?! (VIDEO)

bill and jessicaI'm just gonna come right out and say it: What the hell is gonna happen on True Blood tonight? I mean, sure, Bon Temps ain't exactly Mayberry -- but Season 5 has seen some of the most  twisted plot twists ever. Bill, the devout Sanguinista? The fire monster fiasco? (Please tell me that thing ain't never coming back, cause I was not a fan.) That big ole mess in Sheriff Dearborn's barn? Call me old-fashioned, but whatever happened to vampires having sex? Ah, simpler times.

AND rumor has it things are gonna get seriously screwy with tonight's episode, "Sunset." Like, jaw-droppingly, are-you-kidding-me screwy!


Omg, I can hardly wrap my head around this possibility, Truebies, that's how screwy it is. It's just ... NOT okay. Anything but this ... Jason becomes a vampire!

No, no, no! NOOOOOO! Say it ain't so! But it very well could be: Apparently Jessica (still guilt-ridden over ruining Hoyt's life, no doubt) is considering turning the Stackhouse stud to save him from Russell. Pleasegodnoooo! Jason = Hot-Blooded. He can't be a freaking vampire, no way no how!

Honestly, I'm still not thrilled about Tara being a vamp, but at least she's got the smarts to pull it off. Whereas Jason ... oh dear. Oh, this isn't gonna be good for anybody.

What do you think?! Is she really gonna do it?

Do you want Jessica to turn Jason into a vampire?


Image via trueblood/YouTube

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