5 Ways Robert Pattinson Razzle Dazzled His Way Around Kristen Stewart Questions This Week (VIDEO)

robert pattinson mtvOf course Robert Pattinson doesn't have a publicist -- he doesn't need one! To survive this past week of back-to-back interviews and appearances, most celebs in his situation would need an assortment of pre-scripted statements on respecting his privacy during this difficult time (not to mention an equally extensive assortment of tranquilizers). But not RPattz. The Cosmopolis star made it through the media gauntlet in style, managing to avoid (almost) any direct questions about Kristen Stewart -- and deflecting the indirect queries with a method so effective he should get it trademarked: "How to Avoid Answering Questions About Your Personal Life, the Robert Pattinson Way."

What is the Robert Pattinson Way? Well, it's sort of equal parts awkward, sweet, shy, stammering, goofy, wide-eyed, endearing, and silly. Here are a few of my favorite examples from this week:


1. The Not-So-Straight Shooter. Playing a Cosmopolis-themed version of the game "Never Have I Ever" on MTV last night, RPattz told Josh Horowitz that he "pretty recently" got into shooting guns at a range using a picture of a man for a target. Awkward pause. "Does the man ... look like anyone?" asked Horowitz. Pattinson let the question hang for another loaded second before answering that yes, oddly, the guy in the picture looked ... like his dad.

2. The Ice Cream Man. For a second there, it looked like RPattz was going to open up to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. "I don't even know how to approach this now," he mumbled. The scandal?! No, he was talking about the melty pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Aww.

3. The Royal Flush. Playing super dirty, David Carr of the NY Times jumped on Pattinson's (quite clever) description of America's obsession with celebrities as our own search for a "royal family" with this zinger: "So if you and Kristen have trouble it's like Charles and Di having trouble?" Pattinson's genuinely gobsmacked expression (combined with the audience's jeers) put an immediate stop to that one.

4. The Nutritionist Once again, it seemed like maybe Pattinson was going to pour his heart out on GMA when George Stephanopoulos asked if there was anything he wanted his fans to know. "I'd like my fans to know" -- soulful eyes, thoughtful, pursed-mouth pause -- "that Cinnamon Toast Crunch only has 30 calories per bowl, for instance." Sneaky.

5. The Barber Also during the MTV interview, on the subject of his Cosmopolis character and the challenges of filming such raw, gritty footage, Pattinson was terrified, he said. (Of what? Of baring his innermost self and letting his guard down, just like in real life relationships?!) Nope. Terrified of getting his ear cut off in the crazy haircut scene.

What was your favorite Robert Pattinson moment from this week?

 Image via MTV

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