Prince William Rescues Damsel in Distress & Every Other Man Can Go Home Now

Prince William
Hey, girl ...
Honestly? I can't with Prince William anymore. I seriously can't. Want to know what he recently did? Besides be a prince? He rescued a 16-year-old girl who was thisclose to drowning. I mean, I know, right? Would you not die? Actually, you wouldn't, because Prince William would save you!

Apparently, the girl swam out into the ocean to help her 13-year-old sister who'd gotten swept out by a riptide while she was out bodyboarding. Younger sister made it back via some surfers, but somehow, during the excursion, older sister was left behind and grew exhausted and she nearly drowned. Enter Prince William. On a helicopter. Naked.


Kidding, my imagination got carried away for minute, but PW did show up piloting an RAF search-and-rescue helicopter after the surfers reported to the Coast Guard what was going on. And supposedly, it was one of the fastest and shortest missions ever, taking only 38 seconds for Wills to show up. Again, can't.

Getting caught out at sea is no doubt terrifying (I was "trapped" in a wave once before and it sucked -- the rolling, the tumbling, the not knowing which was is up; worst ever), but I'm thinking older sister here is probably pu-retty happy that she's the one who got to get rescued by Mr. Kate Middleton himself, the Duke of Cambridge. And can you blame her? Dude doesn't just look like a fairytale prince, he acts like one, too. Swoon. Oh, and yay feminism!

Would you like to be rescued by Prince William?


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