Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Are Clearly the Next Robsten

Emma Stone and Andrew GarfieldWhat the world needs now is love, sweet love. Now more than ever. Because, I don't know if you've heard but -- brace yourselves, are you sitting down? -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have broken up. Ha, joke.

Of course, we all know they're broken up. And don't you feel like the world is just a little colder, just a little less hopeful because of that? I know when I read all of these terrible, tragic news stories every day, I think, Why can't Kristen and Rob still be together? Life would be so much more pleasant. But brighten up, compadres! There IS a celebrity couple that's just as young, cute, fresh-faced, and in love, and who also starred together in a huge movie. And they have yet to be tainted with any kind of scandal. Who needs Robsten when you've got ...


Emdrew! Andma? Okay, we'll have to work on their cutsey portmanteau. But, in every other way, these two are so like Kristen and Rob. At least, The Way They Were. Check it:

- Andrew and Emma starred together in The Amazing Spider-Man, which has brought in $700 million at the box office. Just as big as Twilight!

- Andrew and Emma had palpable chemistry on screen. Just like Robsten!

- They live in Los Angeles. Just like Robsten! And, er, every other celebrity.

- They're adorable. I mean, more than Robsten! They smile!

- Andrew's British and Emma's American. Omigawd! What are the odds?!

- They were very coy about their relationship at first, refusing to answer questions about it. But now they PDA a bit. They clearly copied Robsten.

- They fell in love on set. Just ... like ... you know who.

- Andrew has bed head hair. I mean, it's bigger than Rob's! The hair, people, the hair.

See what I mean? They're basically Robsten. Without all that cheating stuff. Let's hope this fairytale romance doesn't end with a tawdry affair with a married man captured on camera by a determined stalkerazzo, splashed all over gossip tabloids, and followed by tearful apologies, awkward media tours, and general world mayhem. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Emdrew/Andma.

Do you like Andrew and Emma? Can you think of a name for them?


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