Lea Michele Promises Finn Hudson's 'Glee' Season 4 Storyline Will Shock Us

finn hudsonGleeks, steel yourselves. In the midst of Glee season 4 spoilers popping up everywhere, there's compelling new dish about one character in particular we're all especially curious about: Finn Hudson. When we last saw Rachel Berry's Lima lover boy (played, of course, by Lea Michele's real-life lover boy, Cory Monteith), he was kissing the series' heroine goodbye at the train tracks and heading off to join the Army.

Thankfully, that wasn't the last we've seen of Finn! Back in June, Ryan Murphy noted that the Finn storyline is a "big secret," and Murphy refused to spill details. But now, Kristin Dos Santos at E! is giving a bit more away about what happens with the dashing male lead come the fall ...


In a new E! Online video, Kristin shares that Finn won't be in the first few episodes of the new season, but ...

I talked to Lea yesterday, and she said, 'Look, he's very much a part of this season. When he does come back, he's back for good. [Lea] said people will be shocked and amazed at what his storyline is.

Elaborating, Kristin elaborates that the plot is "nothing you could ever possibly think of," but "really, really cool," and absolutely "worth waiting" for. Oh, and yes, he will be sporting Army hair! Innnteresting!

Despite having a "Call Me Maybe" cover, Kate Hudson, and Klaine to look forward to, this "shocking" Finn storyline has to be in the top top tier of can't-wait/must-see moments in season 4. And honestly, although I'm psyched to see what Finn is up to school/career-wise, I'm more curious to see if Finchel getting back together is at least a part of the "amazing," "really, really cool" plotline that plays out in the coming months ... Fingers crossed!

What do you suspect Finn will be up to when we see him next?


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