Miley Cyrus' Bad Girl Image Is Being Influenced by an Older Man

Miley Cyrus smoking cigaretteProving once again that she can't be tamed, Miley Cyrus was caught with a cigarette to her lips. Shocker, I know. Between the punk haircut, the crazy new wardrobe, and the excessive weight loss -- it's no surprise Miley is lighting up, too. She's a rebel, y'all. You better recognize. We get it, Miley. You're bad. You're so bad.

But I don't think Miley's merely acting out for attention. Rumor has it that the former Hannah Montana star may be living up to this bad girl reputation for a certain guy ... and his name isn't Liam Hemsworth.


We all remember Miley's stint with Salvia, right? Girlfriend said all kinds of crazy shit on camera after smoking the legal hallucinogenic. And while at the time it seemed like one big negative media scandal, it ended up opening a huge door.

Turns out record producer Pharrell Williams reached out to Miley shortly after the Salvia incident because he was eager to work with her. He admitted:

I want to free that bitch. I want her out of her cage.

And out of her cage she went! Hats off to you, Pharrell ... mission accomplished. The two ended up completely hitting it off in the studio. Miley even opened up about their time together:

I’d never worked like that before. I was talking to him like he was an older brother, and everything I said was going onto the track ... I got in there with Pharrell, and it was magic. Oh, dude, I’m so happy.

Dude ... she's got an "older brother" who only wanted to associate with her once she started acting rebellious. Do I really need to paint this picture much further? I mean, she can't stop the bad girl act now -- what would the cool kids say?! Excuse me while I go look up the definition of peer pressure.

Do you think Pharrell is influencing Miley's bad girl reputation?


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