98 Degrees Reunites on 'Today' & Makes Us Feel Awkward (VIDEO)

98 Degrees on Today ShowLet's reminisce for a moment. Remember the days when we all fought over which boy band was the cutest? Who had the better smile: Nick Lachey or Justin Timberlake? OK, that's a no-brainer: Justin hands down. Welp -- today fans everywhere (including myself) were able to channel their inner pre-teen excitement and squeal in excitement as 98 Degrees reunited on Today for their first live gig in more than 10 years.

Yes, I watched it. Yes, Nick Lachey's smile is just as adorbs as I remember (maybe it has something to do with his soon-to-be dad status). I still don't remember the name of what'shisface with the glasses, feel bad that Drew Lachey got the short end of the stick with the height gene, and think that Jeff Timmons looks like he should be shirtless on the side of an Abercrombie & Fitch bag.

Oh what's that? You wanna know if they were just as good as the good ol' days?

... Um. About that.


So the sound, that was all right. And heck, the guys pretty much look exactly like they did back in their '90s prime. However, the synchronized dancing? The slow side step with the snap action? The slow rising of arms on either side of the microphone in perfect unison? Yeah, I felt awkward.

I get it: boy bands are making a comeback. Heck, I think I've had a One Direction song in my head at one point or another for the last three weeks straight. However, is there room for man bands? I'm not so sure. These guys are in their late 30s. How can they seriously do a side step and not feel, oh I don't know, like they're giving up some of their manhood. AMIRIGHT!?

Not to worry -- if you missed this morning's overly choreographed reunion, the guys are sticking around for a while. That's what Nick eluded to anyway. A new album? A tour? I can't. I just can't. I'd much rather watch Nick and Vanessa hanging out on TLC.

Sigh. Watch 'em get at "The Hardest Thing" live on Today, here:

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Are you a 98 degrees fan? Did you watch this morning?


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