Jennifer Aniston Should Teach Snooki Just How to Deal With Gossipy 'Friends' (VIDEO)

jennifer anistonRemember a couple of weeks ago when Snooki supposedly got really really mad because one of her close "friends" apparently leaked top-secret baby shower details to the press? And how there was gonna be one hell of a confrontation just as soon as Snooki discovered the dirty rat's identity? Well. Clearly Snooki needs to take a class at the Jennifer Aniston School of Celebrity Pest Control, because Aniston's plan to stop potential wedding detail traitors in their tracks sounds like it just might work.


According to a "source" who also happens to be an "insider," Aniston is so hell-bent on figuring out if her friends are true friends or fake friends (that's what you get for starring on a hit show called Friends, sorry) that she's giving out completely false wedding facts to some people. So if the phony info makes headlines, she'll know exactly who's to blame (plus, no big whoop about the press, cause she just made that stuff up anyway).

Hmm. Makes you wonder about the little crumbs of wedding gossip we've heard so far, doesn't it? Maybe they're all lies! Like, omg, maybe Aniston's "estranged" mom ISN'T coming to the wedding (see video below)!

Sigh. Much like Jennifer and Snooki, I just don't know who to trust anymore. 

Do you think Snooki could learn a few things about "friends" from Jennifer Aniston?

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