Hysterical Twi-Hard Speaks Out & Makes Us Realize It’s OK to Care About Robsten (VIDEO)

twihardsHere's a paradigm shift I never saw coming. When Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, Twihards were left reeling, none perhaps more so that NuttyMadam on YouTube. Real name Emma Clark, she shot to viral stardom after posting a video questioning how KStew could do such a thing to our beloved RPattz, complete with tears of anger, sadness, denial, and disbelief. I watched the video, and like most people, I thought she was off her Twilight rocker. Now, I see things differently. 

Emma Clark gave an interview to Vice and brings to the forefront the human face behind the vampire craze. You can't help but have a new perspective after watching it.



Emma explains that the Twilight franchise gave her a social life; it gave her a group of friends and it allowed her to have shared interests with people -- something she's never had before. It's hard to look at her now and think she's nuts to care so much about the Robsten scandal when it's clear how much the movies have influenced and changed her life for the better.

She goes on to say the vitality that Twilight has allowed her to have is refreshing, and brilliant, and over the course of the four-minute video, you start to realize that the cheating is relevant and meaningful to Emma. It signifies an end of something that's wonderfully transformed her. To that point, she's also posted videos about how nervous and scared she is for the uncertainty that will come after Breaking Dawn Part 2 is out of theaters.

The finale of Robert and Kristen, of Bella and Edward, is evidence of the end of a life, probably, that Emma's built and loved. The movies, the books, the cheating, it means a lot to her, and it's totally OK that it does.

Wonder how Kristen would respond.

Did this interview make you see Twihards in a different light?


Photo via Vice.com

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