'Glee' Spoilers Reveal 7 Reasons We Can't Wait for Season 4 (VIDEO)

Lea MicheleWe're down to less than a month before the Glee fall premiere, and you know what that means. Spoilers. Lots of 'em! After the shocking spring finale, we're finally getting an idea of what Season 4 will do to make us feel better about it all.

So what's in store? Here's a run-down on everything you want to know about Klaine, Sue Sylvester's baby, and of course the fate of Finchel! So what's going to happen? Take a look:


1. Kate Hudson guest stars! And she's mean! It's looking like Kate will be one of the meanies at NYADA who gives small town Rachel a run for her money in the Big Apple. 

2. The "Call Me Maybe" cover to top all "Call Me Maybe" covers is coming. Carly Rae Jepsen will get the New Directions' treatment this season, and the bet is on the actual premiere episode on September 13!

3. Glee Project winner Blake Jenner will get his seven-episode arc on the show as ... a member of the McKinley High football team. Considering Finn and Puck graduated, they need someone to fill the role of singing jock, and Blake couldn't be a better fit. The sexy Jenner showed some serious acting and singing chops on the reality show, so expect to see him get some decent screentime.

4. Klaine is 4-evah! Naming the fourth episode "the break-up" may be a total spoiler, and there were rumors that Kurt and Blaine would be the victims. But Chris Colfer has come out (see what I did there?) to say that he thinks everything is going to "be OK" for our favorite former Warbler and his love. It's not a ringing endorsement, but I'll take it. But who else could be headed for the end ... Brittana? Finchel? Not Mr. Schue and Emma!

5. Britney Spears cometh! The much-awaited tribute episode (OK, the second Brit tribute, but we're still looking forward to it!) is looking very sexy, at least from what Lea Michele is saying on Twitter. And how could it not be? New Glee cast member Dean Geyer (who plays Brody) is involved! He's sexy all by himself!

6. Sue's baby arrives! And she looks ... I dare say it ... maternal.

7. Unique joins the New Directions. 'Memba her? Wade Adams technically "won" The Glee Project last year (along with three others) but didn't get seven full episodes. Looks like that will be made up for quickly ... he walks into the choir room in the trailer!

Speaking of the trailer, here it is:

Do you spot anything else that they've given away in the trailer? What are you most excited about for Glee Season 4?


Image via FoxBroadcasting/YouTube

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