Liberty Ross' Rumored Split Details Reveal How to Protect Yourself in a Divorce

liberty rossWow, so just like that, apparently Liberty Ross is packing her bags, grabbing the kids, and kissing faithless Rupert Sanders, Hollywood, and the rest of America goodbye. Rumor has it she's hired a celeb divorce lawyer in LA to help undo the magic marriage spell that binds her to the Snow White director. And who can blame her, after all this sordid mess?

The headlines were all about the fancy lawyer Liberty hired but here's the most telling, under-the-radar detail. The source who spilled says, "Liberty plans to mediate this out of court in a swift and efficient way... She and Rupert have met with a mediator and are working things out in a civil manner." So even though she's arming herself with the best representation she can, this divorce is going to be less of a battle and more of a peaceful transition -- we hope. And that's a smart way to go.


Divorce was rare in my community so I grew up learning about divorce from the movies -- where the split get played out in an ugly courtroom drama every single time. Cheating! Recorded phone conversations! Alimony! Weeping into your hanky on the witness stand! That's what I thought it was all about.

But nope -- there is an easier way. Or so I'm hoping. I am just about to embark on my very own divorce adventure. Yay me, le sigh. And I have a very similar game plan to Liberty's (minus the celeb lawyer): Working together through mediation. We hope to sort out the vinyl collection, the mutual funds, the coop shares, and the custody arrangements civilly, out of court. STARTING TOMORROW!

I was able to get a consultation with a lawyer from a firm that handled a recent high-profile case (he was being nice -- I so cannot afford his fees) and he suggests that even if you're working with a mediator you should hire a lawyer on retainer just to look over your agreement and make sure your interests are represented. Liberty will probably get a little more help from her lawyer than that, but I imagine his/her role would be similar.

So good luck Liberty -- may the Gods of Swift Justice be with you! That is, if "Mr. Source" is telling the truth about your impending divorce. Here's to parting as friends, or at least parting civilly. And to me walking away with those Beatles records.

Have you gone through a divorce? Did you use mediation?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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