Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Tap Tom Arnold for Help With Their Sex Scenes (VIDEO)

Kristen Bell Dax ShepardOkay, shut down all those animals-speaking-in-broken-English websites, because Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are officially the most adorable thing on the Internet. I mean, I think Bell may have permanently swept this category back when she shared her on-camera meltdown after Shepard decided to surprise her with a visit from a sloth on her birthday, but the engaged couple's recent collaboration with Funny or Die is definitely a worthy contender.

The video is, at heart, a clever promotion for their new movie Hit & Run -- but it's also downright hilarious in its own right. The idea is that Bell and Shepard were experiencing some, ah, challenges when filming sex scenes for the movie, so they called in an "intimacy coach." Namely, Tom Arnold.

Because nothing says ONSCREEN ROMANCE like Tom Arnold, right?


Here's the video of Tom Arnold coaching Bell and Shepard into some sexxxy moves:

Haaaaa. I like Shepard's gross mid-kiss cough at the end the best, I think.

(Also, totally random, but does anyone else think Dax Shepard could be Zach Braff's slightly hotter, more tattooed brother? Cousin, maybe?)

These two seem like such a cute couple, and teaming up for the video was a super smart way to advertise Hit & Run (which hits theaters August 24). Apparently Shepard wrote and co-directed it, and two years after starring in When in Rome together, they were happy to get together onscreen again. According to Bell,

We realized we're severely co-dependent. It's not just like you're caught in the house with your significant other for six weeks and you're both doing different things and feel like you're in each other's way. We actually had the same goal and we really, really, really wanted the best for the script Dax had written. Because we had the same mutual goal, it felt shared.

Awww, snugglebunnies. This just makes me want to shower her in sloths. (What?)

What did you think of this video? Are you a Kristen/Dax fan?

Image via Funny or Die

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