Robert Pattinson's Breakup Look Is Some Seriously Sexy Revenge

Robert Pattinson in a suitDamn. Is there anything sexier than a man wearing a suit? Judging from this photo of Robert Pattinson looking all dapper in a Gucci suit and navy blue tie while ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange -- I think not. Does he clean up nice or what? Being cheated on by Kristen Stewart may be one of the best things that ever happened to Rob -- or at least as far as his appearance is concerned.

Gone are the days of ratty t-shirts with cigarette burns on the front. Rob has obviously traded in his grungy look for a style that's polished, sophisticated, and over-the-top sexy.


As cheesy as it sounds, he looks way more stunning and radiant in this get-up than he did in any of the Twilight films where he was sparkling in the sunlight. Looking like a hot blooded adult definitely works better for him.

And even though he isn't quite ready to go the clean-shaven route, the bit of scruff he's got going on doesn't exactly detract from his sex appeal. If anything, that extra element of edge is exactly what he needed to take his look to a new level of pure handsomeness.

I can't help but wonder what KStew thinks of his new classy makeover, because as we all know, looking good is about the best revenge anyone can get when it comes to sticking it to an ex. After seeing this photo of him, I'm sure she's regretting those make-out sessions with Rupert Sanders even more.

What do you think of Rob's sophisticated style? Does it suit him? (No pun intended.)


Image via Splash

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