A Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Romance Is Exactly What America Needs

Taylor Swift and Conor KennedyMove along, people, from the Robert Pattinson escapade, there's not much more to see here. Please direct your eyes to the next big celebrity romance to watch, that of country singer Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy, grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy. Things are starting to get pretty interesting with these two for a couple reasons. First, some woman in the world is dating a Kennedy, and any time that happens, there will be drama, usually the bad kind. Secondly, it's a little creepy. A 22-year-old mega-superstar dating an 18-year-old who is still in boarding school. Ew? And thirdly ... it has something to do with Kate Middleton, but more on that later.


Let's skip right to the creepy and get that out of the way. Sure, in a few years, a four-year age difference will be no big deal. But right now, because they are in such drastically different places emotionally, professionally, and worldliness-wise, it's just weird. Especially when you know Swift's dating record as reflected in her library of breakup songs ... Swift who is the same age as Kristen Stewart, by the way.

Then consider that Swift just plopped down $5 million for a mansion across the street from the Kennedy summer house, and things are starting to move a little too fast. Usually when you are dating someone who still lives with their parents, you just use separate bedrooms while sleeping over, but separate mansions? That works too, but this is going to be one awkward breakup. They've only been dating a couple of months, after all. Conor recently lost his mother Mary Richardson in that highly publicized suicide. A lot going on there.

And yet, part of us is just dying for this thing to last ... for the third reason why Swift and Kennedy are fast becoming our new celebrity couple obsession: America desperately needs its own Kate Middleton. We are starving for it. We have been smothered in a sea of Botoxed housewives and Kardashian trash for far too long. We need a new beloved lady icon to emulate and we need it fast.

We will never get another Jackie Kennedy Onassis, but we came close in Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, wife of JFK Jr. For the three years of their marriage before they both died in a plane crash (take note, Taylor), she was IT. The one paparazzi would stalk around Tribeca hoping to get a shot of her walking her dog in her jeans and turtleneck that she probably just threw on while crawling out of bed but looking like she could be on a runway.

We idolized her understated beauty, her simple, timeless style, her being able to score the world's most gorgeous and eligible bachelor in one of the world's most famous and powerful families, as well as for her mystery. For all she was stalked and photographed, she tried to keep her life and marriage private.

Taylor doesn't quite fit our criteria for "icon" right now, but we could do a lot worse. Despite her celebrity status, she seems like a sweet kid who knows how to cover up well in tasteful designer clothes, which is a plus. As much as I fight the urge to say, "Run Taylor run as fast as you can!" she seems happy and the Kennedy clan really seems to like her.

Let's pray for them and that we can avoid all the "SwiftKen" or "TayCon" or "Conlor" mash-ups. These are the Kennedys, remember. We need to keep it classy.

Do you think Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy will last as a couple? How long do you give them?

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