Kim Kardashian Actually Gives Some Good Relationship Advice

kim kardashian kanye westWe've talked about the photo spread Kim Kardashian did for New York magazine, but now let's talk about what she said in the interview. The 31-year-old reality star revealed that she and Kanye West have exchanged "I love you"s, which, you know, makes sense when she goes on to say that they're planning to grow old together. In what might be the most logical thing we've heard Kim say since she hypothesized that Jonathan Cheban is homosexual, she says she believes that a couple should have shared interests if they want to have something to talk about when they're in their 80s.

I don't believe I'm about to say this, but I totally agree with Kim Kardashian.


It sounds like an obvious statement -- saying that you should marry someone you have something in common with falls along the same patent lines of saying that no one in the world should go hungry. But in both cases, it's easier said than done.

Kim probably found out real quick that she doesn't give two shits about which NBA team is headed to the finals, or about three-point percentages, or how great it is to get a triple double. She told NY Mag that she and Kanye share a deep love of fashion, so when they're old and gray, they can at least talk about the fall preview and what colors are so hot right now. They have in-depth conversations about their fashion lines and revel in their similarities -- something we can all assume she didn't have with Kris Humphries.

It's more important to have a shared interest or three than it is to have sexual chemistry. The latter is very important, too, but it'll go away. It'll fade into the night just like your ovaries and your desire to shave your legs. But the interests, they don't really stray too far from the nest. And if both of you are living in that nest, you better want those interests around. Be them a love of fashion, a passion for cooking, or a fever that's only cured by crosswords, Kim's right to emphasize that having something in common is a foundation, not a blessing, in a relationship.

How important are shared interests to you in a relationship?


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