'Price is Right' Male Model Search Lends Much-Needed Beefcake to the Game Show

The Price is RightYou know, I'd sort of forgotten that Drew Carey is currently the host of The Price is Right. He looks seriously different these days, doesn't he? I have to say, I prefer the chubby, cuddly-looking Drew, not that he asked for my opinion, but … anyway, this isn't about Drew Carey's BMI, this is about The Price is Right. Specifically, The Price is Right's awesomely amusing search for a male model.

If you've ever watched The Price is Right -- either the recent Carey-hosted show or the more long-running Bob Barker version -- you know the game show has historically employed a bevy of attractive females to showcase the prizes (frozen smile, sweeping arm, frozen smile, repeat). Well, for the first time in the history of the show, CBS is searching for a few good men to carry out this role -- and wait until you hear about the hilarious job skills they're looking for.


The Price is Right's search for a male model will begin on Aug. 30 with an open call in Los Angeles. Potential prize-presenters will be interviewed by Right producers along with other female models as they look for -- wait for it -- "qualities such as their verbal skills, posing and ability to properly showcase a product."


Of course, it's not really about the groundbreaking process of hiring a man for what was once referred to in the industry as being one of "Barker's beauties," it's about turning the whole publicity stunt into reality entertainment. After the auditions, six finalists will be announced on the show, and a web series will air highlighting portions of the audition process. Starting in October, Price is Right viewers then get to vote for their favorites to win a one-week gig.

It's a pretty savvy move for a woefully outdated show, don't you think? I wouldn't be surprised to see this search spin off into a show of its own, since it's structured like every other popular reality competition (series of challenges, judge eliminations, chance for the bottom two to win their way back, audience voting, etc).

Plus, hunky men working fiercely to flaunt their product showcasing skills? Hey, that sounds like solid entertainment. Hot dudes, COME ON DOWN!

Do you ever watch The Price is Right? Would you tune in for the male model search?

Image via The Price is Right

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