'Bird Poop Michael Jackson' Makes 'Tortilla Jesus' Look Delicious

bird poop windshield
This is not 'The King of Poop'
Move over, Tortilla Jesus. (And you too, other Tortilla Jesus.) Not to mention Shower Mold Jesus, Ceiling Vent Jesus, Tree Bark Virgin Mary, Grilled Cheese Virgin Mary, and all the other religious icons who have a thing for randomly appearing in the unlikeliest of places: Bird Poop Michael Jackson is here! Aw yeah, it's The King of Poop vs. The King of Kings, and MJ isn't the only dead musician on the scene. Just ask Horseradish Jerry Garcia.

That's right, late music legends are getting in on the "miraculous" apparition game (minus the "miraculous" part, I guess?), because, well, It's What Jesus Would Do. Obviously. Now, let me ask you this: How much do you think one of these rare relics would go for on eBay? Hundreds? Thousands? 


Twenty-nine-year-old Brandon Tudor -- the lucky guy whose car windshield happened to get splattered with that Bird Poop Michael Jackson masterpiece -- found out the answer when he put the windshield up for auction (yup, the whole windshield). Tudor set the minimum bid for $500, figuring it would "go for an astronomical amount" OR that he would "get nothing." And guess what he got??

Uh, yeah. Nothing. (Much like the guy who tried to sell his werewolf spirit-possessed shower for $25,000.) Such a shame, isn't it? No takers for The King of Poop at all. Even with a catchy description like this:

"Are you obsessed with Michael Jackson and want that unique piece no other collector will ever have? Does his spirit live on? The questions are endless ... "

We can only hope that Tom Haupert of Florida, the Deadhead who spotted Jerry Garcia in a jar of horseradish, learns from Tudor's example. As of now, he's "considering" the idea of selling his Jerry Jar on eBay.

Hmm. Tortilla Jesus and Horseradish Jerry Garcia: Two great tastes that taste great together?

Have you seen any religious icons or dead musicians in your fridge lately?


Image via Yinghai/Flickr

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