Heartbreak Suits Robert Pattinson as He Steps Out at 'Cosmopolis' Premiere (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis premiereWell, HELLO Mr. Incredibly and Publicly Single Robert Pattinson. Looking mighty fine at the Cosmopolis premiere tonight ... Seems those oceans of tears shed over Kristen Stewart have only cleansed your spirit and put a brand new pop of pretty on your handsome face. Those eyes, that suit! And correct me if I'm wrong, but does your hair look better than ever too? What up? I hate to say -- but you're kinda rockin' heartbreak.

Oh Rob, you totally should have ditched her sooner. You're doing just fine. Perhaps soon, you'll be doing better than ever. 


Rob came out of "seclusion" tonight for the first time since the whole Kristen/Rupert makeout scandal broke. Later tonight, we'll see his appearance on The Daily Show and then later in the week his Good Morning America appearance. So yeah, he's getting out ... and seemingly getting stronger.

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Check out Rob's arrival at the Cosmopolis premiere in New York City tonight:

Yeah, sure there were some moments there at the end of serious non-blinking intensity {{{faints}}}, but at the beginning there were also some smiles and chuckles and an all around upbeat attitude. Good job, Rob. Even if you're sorta faking it, you did good and you looked great!

How do you think Rob looks tonight?

Image via Larry Busacca/Getty

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