Beyonce's Family Photos Make Her Disgustingly More Adorable (PHOTOS)

beyonce and jay-zOh, you know, just Jay-Z pushing Bey on a gorgeous tree swing. Nothin' to see here.I was mindlessly scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard this weekend when I saw it. Beyonce had updated her blog, IAm.Beyonce, which, hi, is a treat in and of itself -- but she updated it with tons of photos of herself and her family, and good lord are they disgustingly adorable. A picture of Blue Ivy sucking down a ba-ba while wearing daddy Jay-Z's concert tee? Um, yes please. Check out some of the supah cute pics. You're going to either want to be Beyonce, or want to be adopted by Beyonce and Jay-Z. Or both. Either would be awesome.







I honestly think that Beyonce is one of the most likable celebrities out there. There, I said it. She's proof that just because you're gorgeous, talented, and balls-to-the-wall rich, you can still be nice. And sweet. And swing on a cool tree swing while your awesome husband pushes you.

We never hear stories about Bey diva-ing out (okay, maybe the whole building a new wing at Lenox Hill was a little diva-ish). And there's just something so cute about her having a Tumblr, too -- it kind of makes her all the more likable. Especially when she shares ridiculously cute family photos like this. I mean, stop it, Bey!

If only all celebs could be like Beyonce. And if only Beyonce would adopt me. Or be friends with me. Or email me. Seriously, I don't care.

How adorable are Beyonce and her family?

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