Kate Middleton's Beauty Routine Costs HOW Much Money?

Kate MiddletonGorgeous shiny locks, flawless skin, perfectly-groomed eyebrows. Get out your notebooks, ladies! The Daily Mail has broken down "Kate Middleon's $35,000 beauty regime." And by broken down, I mean mostly speculated. And by mostly speculated, I mean, I'm buying a bee venom mask. Here's what the Duchess of Cambridge supposedly buys, tries, and applies to stay looking as gorgeous as she does. Hint: Most of us can't afford it!


The $35,000 is said to be her annual beauty regimen price tag, FYI, and okay, here are some of the products/rituals the article suggests HRH uses/does:

Oxygen face cream

Bee venom facials/bee venom mask

Nivea body moisturizer?

Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown makeup

Organic vegetable-based hair dye

Weekly manicures

Airbrush tans

Fancy perfume

Like I said, the article is mainly speculative, so it's not like we know for sure that Catherine does this crap all the time, but I'm buying that she's tried some of this stuff at least a few times. (Also, I just read about the bee venom facials in the new Vanity Fair, so, works for me!) The main thing I always take away from these types of articles, though, is: It takes a lot to look celebrity/royalty gorgeous!

I think Kate Middleton is absolutely stunning, but man, she must get tired of getting ready all the time. The hair, the makeup, the bee venom. It's a ton of work -- and it's a ton of money. Seems exhausting.

It's also why celebs look like they do and commoners look like we do. So, yeah, I guess it's a wash.

What's the most expensive beauty treatment/product you've ever indulged in?


Image via Adam Pretty/Getty

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