Kim Kardashian Looks Blurry & Crazed in ‘Artsy’ Magazine Spread

kim kardashianThink you know everything there is to know about Kim Kardashian? You pretty much do, but the only thing you might not have known is that the editors of Keeping Up With the Kardashians have probably heard her take a poop. That, and she was popular in high school. Go figure.

Even though Kim's as over-exposed as they come, she gave an interview to New York Magazine, talked about going to the zoo, life with Kanye, the aforementioned poop scenario, and sat for a fashiony photo shoot. In Valentino, Bill Blass, and Louis Vuitton, Kim's quite literally a blur of beauty and style.


Interview aside, let's focus on the pictures. There must be millions of photos of Kim, and, hate to say it, but these aren't my favorite. They're probably really artsy and impressive to people who know about taking photographs, etc., but to my layman eye, all I see is a celebutante with a stiff jaw who looks to be traveling at the speed of light. It's not her best look.

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The mirror on mirror shot is pretty cool, but I wish we could see more of her dress. Kim's face has been burned into our brains, we could stand to see the high fashion do the talking, instead.

As Fashion Week approaches, we're only about a month away, we'll get to see how the haute couture world embraces, or disses, Kim and Kanye. Maybe this artsy shoot was Kim's way letting advertisers and designers know that she can do cutting edge editorial shoots? Who knows, but as the NY Mag reporter pointed out, there's nothing Kim does that isn't cross promotional. 

What do you think of Kim's photo shoot?


Photo via Splash News

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