Spice Girls Party With Liam Gallagher Proving Most Celeb Feuds Are Stupid (PHOTO)

spice girls twitterMel B posted this pic with Liam, writing, "Happy Times"Did anybody think it was 1996 for a minute during last night's Closing Ceremony for the Olympics? Liam Gallagher singing "Wonderwall" with his band, Oasis Beady Eye. Posh Spice Victoria Beckham and the rest of the Spice Girls performing "Wanna Be" and "Spice Up Your Life". Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell walking the catwalk (died!). It was a mini time-warp back to my carefree high-school years when all there was to worry about was whose brother was buying the case of Bud Ice -- and for a minute, I kind of wished it was 1996. At least, pop-culturally-pre-K (pre-Kardashian)-speaking.

But then later on in the night, I saw something I never thought I'd see. Liam Gallagher, looking happy and beer-loose, posing for a picture with the Spice Girls. Remember? He used to hate those girls.


Let's take a leisurely stroll down memory lane, shall we? In 1997, Gallagher famously proclaimed that he wouldn't be attending that year's Brit Awards, saying, “If I bump into the Spice Girls I will smack them." And then, while the Spice Girls were on stage accepting their award at the event, Mel C. said of the comment: "Come and 'ave a go if you think you're hard enough." As far as I can remember, the verbal digs ended there, as there was no social network to indirectly volley insults to one another via. But, yeah. The two groups didn't like each other, I presume, because Liam found the Spice Girls, and all their glittery glory, nails-on-a-chalkboard-y.

But now, fast-forward 15 years, and here they are -- the Spice Girls and Liam -- partying together post-feel-good Olympics extravaganza. And although I still don't think he has anything in common with the girls (save for the fact that they were both huge in the late '90s), it's a nice reminder that a lot of these stupid celebrity feuds -- and feuds in general -- are just that: Stupid.

Did you see the Closing Ceremony? What was your favorite part?

Image via Mel B/Twitter

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