'Odd Life of Timothy Green' Brings Good Magic Back to the Movies

Jennifer Garner Timothy GreenI think The Odd Life of Timothy Green came at me at just the right time. I was suffering from vampire overdose. No, make that vampire and werewolf overdose. I'm just a little tired, and then Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton popped up on the movie screen with this sweet little tale of family life that was magical without the same old monsters.

At least not monsters with teeth and claws. The monsters in The Odd Life of Timothy Green are the type that exist in every day. A cranky boss. A judgmental sister. A bad economy. Infertility.


Garner and Edgerton are Cindy and Jim Green, a couple who just wants to start a family in a small town that's straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. But because life didn't mirror Rockwell's picture perfect paintings even when he was painting them, the inevitable happens (at least in Hollywood movies). They can't conceive that child, and the biggest employer in the small town is hit hard by the economy.

But just as you're about to throw up your hands and walk out of the theater because you'd rather have sparkly vampires than be depressed, the magic begins. On a whim -- and fueled by a lot of red wine -- Cindy and Jim make a list of all the qualities they'd want to have in a kid, then they bury the whole dang thing in the garden. In comes a rainstorm, and up out of the garden pops a real life boy.

Even the superior acting talents of Garner and Edgerton, and even newcomer CJ Adams (Timothy) can't completely erase the unbelievability of a kid growing out of the garden, with leaves on his legs no less.

But the story -- and Timothy -- will manage to pull you in anyway, lost on a ride of the kind of pure magic that Disney specializes in and is in short supply with all the real world monsters of adulthood chasing it away. Maybe it's because the story is focused around a child (and that's what's drawn my 7-year-old daughter to the commercials ... she's begged me for weeks to let her see Timothy on opening day) or set in a small town that made me lose myself in it. Or maybe I was just ripe for the picking in my supernaturally overloaded state.

But The Odd Life of Timothy Green felt like stepping back to a time when magic felt possible and, perhaps more importantly, good. If good things can happen for the Green family, they can happen for you too.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green opens in theaters today. Will you be taking your family to go see it?


Image via Walt Disney

Disney provided the opportunity to screen Odd Life of Timothy Green prior to the release. All opinions expressed are the blogger's own.

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