Beyonce Sings for the United Nations & Keeps Up the Do-Gooder Charade (VIDEO)


Oh okay, it's probably not a charade. Beyoncé probably really is an insanely NICE AND GOOD PERSON. For reals. What can I say? I'm just jealous. I want to be out in the world do-gooding instead of writing mean, envious headlines about perfectly wonderful celebrity moms with hearts and bankrolls made of gold. I do. I really do. And hey, maybe it's not too late for mean old me! After all, Beyonce tells me that this coming August 19th is World Humanitarian Day

She says "Do one thing for another human being." I can do that! "Nothing is too small." Really, Bey, nothing is too small?


Friday night, Beyonce kicked off her World Humanitarian Day initiative with a performance of "I Was Here" at the United Nations' (U.N.) headquarters in New York City. Anderson Cooper hosted and lots of other rich celebrity do-gooders attended. After her performance (in a white hot form-fitting gown), Beyonce addressed the crowd: "I'd like to ask everyone to make sure they're a part of August 19th. It's such a beautiful, beautiful day... God bless you all."

Wow, she's really pouring it on thick, isn't she? Just cause she and Jay-Z earned a whopping $78 million combined in the last year doesn't mean the rest of us did. But hey, let me run out and sign up for some charity work right now. It's not enough that I work, keep my husband liking me and my two kids loved, fed, bathed, and driven to and from summer camp and soccer practices every day.

Whoops, there I go again ... so bitter! What is wrong with me? I don't have staff of nannies, that's what. Giving back is such a meaningful thing and we should all strive to do more of it. Nothing is too small! (Does writing this post count?)

Eh em, good for insanely rich and famous Beyonce, giving back to her community and reminding us all that we should aim to do so too.

Does Beyonce inspire you to want to get involved in charity?

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