Kristen Stewart's Worst Public 'Tongue Lashing' Is Still to Come

Kristen Stewart Comic ConCan you imagine anything worse than being Kristen Stewart right now? I mean, the woman publicly admitted to cheating on Robert Pattinson, the most wanted man in America. Bazillions of Twilight and Team Edward fans are planning online Bella stakings. She's obviously on the sh*t list of supermodel Liberty Ross since KStew totally got caught making out with (at the very least) Lib's husband, director Rupert Sanders. Reportedly, her besties Charlize Theron and Taylor Lautner are totally PISSED OFF. AND Will Ferrell totally called her a "trampire."

I'm pretty sure the public apology was an attempt to get this whole thing over with and quick. Didn't seem to have worked though, and unfortunately for her, the public hating on Kristen Stewart hasn't even really started yet. In fact, Kristen is said to be very afraid for the public pummeling that could be coming this week -- and she very well should be.


According to a source over on Perez Hilton, Kristen is seriously concerned about Jon Stewart. The poor heartbroken Rob is scheduled to appear on The Daily Show this coming Monday evening, which means Kristen Stewart is a sitting duck for a famed Jon Stewart tongue lashing. 

While she has a sense of humor, this isn't something she wants joked about. Kristen is hurting and doesn't want her heartbreak poked fun at on TV. She’s crossing her fingers that Jon doesn't go there and instead concentrates on promoting Robert’s new movie Cosmopolis.

No matter what you think of Stewart's viewpoints, he gives seriously good public chiding and man oh man, I wouldn't want to be the butt of one of his jokes. He has a real knack for getting right to the core of things. Remember how well he ripped on Newt Gingrich's infidelity? Ouch. 

So will Jon be kind to Kristen and stick to promotional movie talk with Rob? Doubtful, if things like ratings mean anything to the man. There is pretty much no way Kristen is going to go unburned, right? I mean, she's made herself incredibly ripe to be a juicy Jon Stewart punchline. I kinda can't wait to see his wit in play on this little scandal.

Then again, depending on the visible level of Pattinson's oozing wounds, maybe Jon will keep it light -- or even serious and heartfelt (he can do that pretty well too) -- but this time, I certainly hope not.

Do you think Kristen Stewart should be afraid of the Jon Stewart?


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