Robert Pattinson Alleged Cheating Bombshell Changes Everything

robert pattinson kristen stewartAt this point in the Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson split saga, just about 99.9 percent of the fingerpointing has been directed at "trampire" Kristen for her blatant cheatin' ways. Sure, there are those who are defending the actress. And others who have declared themselves staunchly Team Rob. There's even Team "Can't We Just Leave the Poor Kids Alone?!" But now, incredibly salacious news has hit the Internet that may change your allegiances completely!

A "Hollywood insider," who claims to have in-depth, direct knowledge of the many times Rob cheated on Kristen, has emailed a tip about as long as a novella to Jezebel. In other words, there's a whole lotta detail about a bombshell that may or may not be true ...


Looooooong story short, a blind item ran on the website Crazy Days and Nights that seems to match up perfectly with details from the tipster's email. It seems to add up that Rob has stepped out on Kristen a LAUNDRY list of women who may include (but not be limited to): Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Megan Fox, Erika Dutra, Emilie de Ravin, director David Cronenberg's daughter Caitlin, Russian model Ana Colja, Camilla Belle, "some kind of fashion blogger, party goer, LA type" named Shea Maria, Sarah Roemer, a burlesque dancer named Caroline Jones, a pastry chef from Vancouver named Sarah, and ... Lindsay Lohan (ew?!?). The email goes into minute detail about when and how Rob allegedly hooked up with each lady.

Uh, YEAH. So there's that. On one hand, all of it may be totally false, but on the other, I'm not sure why anyone would think they could peg any young, successful Hollywood actor as a perfect angel. Maybe it's the skeptic in me (or former teen entertainment reporter), but even before these rumors came to light, I thought there's no way Kristen deserves to be painted the sole perpetrator of wrong-doing in this scandal.

Consider this: Remember when Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were the "it" couple during High School Musical's hey day? Other stars in their Disney circle buzzed off-the-record that they believed those two were constantly cheating on one another. Of course what happened between "Zanessa" doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Robsten, but it is a commentary on how these young Hollywood relationships tend to play out.

All things considered, it shouldn't surprise us if these allegations have their roots in reality and Rob really was as (or even more!) unfaithful as Kristen. Sadly, theirs likely was never the blockbuster franchise love story come true we believe it to be. Then again, when is it ever?

Check out this video for Rob's reported thoughts on cheating ...

What do you think about this claims? Does it change how you feel about Robsten's breakup?



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