Never-Before-Seen 'Glee' Goodbye Scene Makes Our Hearts Melt (VIDEO)

Harry Shum Jr. I'm loving everything about Ryan Murphy being on Twitter. Yeah yeah, I adore seeing Lea Michele's pics of vacation time and laughing at Chris Colfer's hilarious updates, but Murphy -- he brings the juice. We gushed when he Tweeted that too-cute-for-words love sesh between Kurt and Blaine, and now -- he's back with more.

This time we're catching up with everyone's favorite dancing couple, Mike and Tina. Murphy's giving us the tender goodbye that never made it into the season 3 finale because of time constraints, and I am gaga over it. Seriously, Harry Shum Jr. has never looked so ridiculously handsome. He's so grown-up. So college-bound. I melt! 

Check it out, here:


So Gleetastically sentimental and mushy, I love it. Heck, I'd go visit Chicago to see a face like that one. But really, it's such an adorable moment between Mike and Tina and a touching interaction with Mike's parents. I can't help but wonder what other goodness didn't make the final cut.

In my mind, these tweets and all of the extra Glee goodies we get on a regular basis, that's what makes this one of the best shows out there for the fans. I feel so appreciated! Murphy is a smart guy, he knows that it's important to keep everyone engaged during the off-season. You better believe that I'll stick around checkin' Twitter for more gems like this one, Murph!

What do you think about the deleted scene? Would you have kept it in the show?


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