8 Ways Ryan Lochte Could Be the Next Kim Kardashian (VIDEOS)

Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte
You guys, it's official: Ryan Lochte is taking over. Everything. It seems that ever since the 28-year-old upset Michael Phelps in that first Olympic race, the men's 400 IM final, we simply can't get enough of him. Not only is he an 11-time Olympic medalist, he's ridiculously good-looking too. Hell, this guy has made headlines for admitting to peeing in the pool.

From starting his own clothing line to talks about making apperances on The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars to numerous video parodies to creating his own language ... we thought we'd do a quick roundup of the ways Ryan is planning on continuing to invade all of our lives post-Olympics. OMG, I think we've got the next Kim Kardashian on our hands! I'm just waiting for the sex tape. Seriously, take a look and see for yourself.


Ryan on The Bachelor & Dancing With the Stars:

I think Ryan has been bitten by the fame bug, don't you? On Friday morning on the Today show, he said, "I'm definitely looking towards Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor, so we'll see what happens. I definitely want to move to L.A." So if you thought the Olympics would have been the last time you'd see Ryan grace your television screen ... well, fear not, it seems.

Ryan has his own language:

This video of Ryan explaining the many meanings of "Jeah" really does speak for itself. I can't decide if I like him more or less after witnessing it.

Ryan ignited a style controversy:

He made headlines for sporting an American flag grill after winning his gold medal a week ago, mostly because the Olympic higher-ups threatened to take the medal away due to said bling. Controversy aside, there's no doubt that he was looking to make a style statement with this custom made mouth guard.

Ryan has his own 'Hey Girl' meme:

You know you haven't made it in this world unless you get an entire 'Hey Girl' Tumblr devoted to you. I particularly like, "Hey girl, I've been told I have an excellent breaststroke." Yeah I said it.

Ryan has his own "Call Me Maybe" Parody:

Same first sentence from above, just insert "'Call Me Maybe' parody" for "'Hey Girl' Tumblr."

Ryan will take over comedy:

There's nothing like a hilarious "Funny or Die" video, right? In terms of the whole "peeing scandal" that I mentioned above, Ryan takes on the comedy world in this latest spoof. Trying to show off his acting chops before his big move to LA? Part of me thinks he should stick to swimming.

Ryan will influence your fashion choices:

Recently, he admitted to Women's Health what women wear that turns him on the most. And of course this is super important information. He said what turns him on most is "one of my long-sleeve button-down shirts and that’s all." Well, we can't buy that. So ... the second sexiest thing: "white jeans." Strange, but I sense a rise in white jean sales in the coming months.

Ryan will "create" the actual clothes you buy:

The Hollywood Reporter came out with a brief story that said Lochte's sports agent, Erika Wright, said that he has received offers to create a fashion line. So he'll essentially be putting his name on whatever you buy, but still, just another sign that he's looking to take over all our lives.

Are you a Ryan Lochte fan? Think he's trying to take over?


Image via An Honorable German/Flickr

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