Kourtney Kardashian Let Mason Change Her New Baby's Name

Kourtney Kardashian & Mason DisickAs I'm sure you've heard/seen/bought?, Kourtney Kardashian is on the cover of the new Us Weekly. And in it, obviously, she dishes on the new chapter of her life, entitled Penelope Scotland. She also talks about how little Mason is handling everything. Unsurprisingly, her ridiculously cute, impeccably-dressed son is handling being a big brother just fine. So fine, in fact, that he's given Penelope a new name that's more to his liking. 


Instead of calling Penelope "Penelope," Mason calls her "Sister." Kourtney said, "[Mason] is adjusting to the whole thing so well. He gets mad if anyone calls her anything else. People will be like, 'What’s your sister’s name?' And he’ll say, 'Sister!'" Adorable.

I think the question is, though, how long will little Mason call baby Penelope "sister"? (And how long will I refer to baby Penelope as "baby Penelope"?) I mean, this situation isn't one that's all that uncommon: Big sibling gives new baby an inadvertent nickname -- and it winds up sticking, because baby has no say (being that they're a baby). It's super cute now, but what if little Penelope doesn't want to be referred to as "sister" when she gets a bit bigger? It's a deep question. One I'm sure both Mason and Penelope have thought long and hard about.

I guess they'll just have to cross that bridge when they come to it. I'm sure Mason won't always refer to Penelope as "Sister." But for now he is, and Penelope is just going to have to deal with that. When she isn't sleeping or pooping.

Did any of your kids give their siblings nickname by accident? Did the nicknames stick?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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