'Hunger Games' Confirms 3 Super Hot Actors for Tribute Roles

alan ritchsonAlan RitchsonIs there a word for Hunger Games fans, like there's Twihard for Twilight fans? Peetaphiles? No, that doesn't sound good. Uh, Everdeeners? Hungerflames? I give up. Anyway, attention all you Hunger Games fans who lack, as a group, a catchy nickname! There's more casting news for Catching Fire -- actors have been confirmed for the roles of Enobaria, Gloss, and Brutus

Just who are these lucky sons of guns who've signed on to play these Quarter Quell tributes?


Alan Ritchson will play Gloss, the District One tribute whose sister is Cashmere. He's one of the career tributes, and he and his sis (her role has yet to be announced) are some bad ass mother truckers in the Hunger Games. You probably don't know Alan from the shows you don't watch like Smallville and Spike TV's Blue Mountain State, but he's a handsome fellow who's 6'2".

Bruno Gunn's signed on as Brutus, the District Two tribute and former Hunger Games victor. Bruno's been in a bunch, like that movie Bad Teacher, and shows such as The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Prison Break.

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Last but not least, the gorgeous Meta Golding is going to be District 2's ruthless Enobaria, who was known for biting people's throats out. Meta's starred in Criminal Minds and CSI -- Catching Fire seems to be her first big movie role.

Other than these three, we know that Jena Malone's going to be Johanna, Amanda Plummer will be Wiress, Sam Claflin might be Finnick, and Lynn Cohen's going to be Mags.

This movie's shaping up to be pretty great, don't you think so, too, my little Hungerflames?


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