'Beverly Hills, 90210's Kelly, Brandon & Dylan Reunite in Coolest Old Navy Ad Ever (VIDEOS)

jennie garth old navy commercialFellow fans of the first and arguably best teen drama of all time, Beverly Hills, 90210, listen up: Old Navy just went and made our day! You know how back in 1995, Kelly Taylor was faced with The Biggest Decision of Her Life? AKA whether to go with Dylan McKay to Europe or stay in BH and marry Brandon Walsh. Who could forget the iconic words she uttered during that season finale have gone down in TV history: "I choose me"? (Yeah right. She totally chose Brandon ... then Dylan ... and, as we learned on The CW reboot, even goes on to have Dylan's kid, Sammy!)

Well, if any of this rings a bell, you're going to LOVE how Old Navy actually reunited Jennie Garth, Jason Priestley, and Luke Perry to revisit one of the most memorable love triangles in TV history. Check it out:



How much did that just totally blow your mind?! Ah! It was awesome enough when Luke appeared on Jennie's old show What I Like About You to play her character Val's ex-bf Todd. But this? This surpasses all expectations we BH90210 fans have ever really had of seeing our favorite West Bev characters reunited. You KNOW it wasn't gonna happen on The CW, and I would have never guessed either Luke or Jason would be up for it.

Turns out not only were they up for it -- which may have something to do with them still being pals with Jennie -- but they also seemed to have a total ball doing this, which is so awesome!

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But wait, there's more! Check out this other spot where Jason reunites with Gabrielle Carteris, aka ANDREA, who is totally confessing her love for him a la the Blaze days. Haa.

So cute. Now, the only thing that would be even better would be an actual scripted reunion show also starring Shannen, Tori, Ian, and Brian (at least!). At one time I would have said that will never happen. But after this, who knows?!

How much do you love these commercials? Which team were you on: Brandon or Dylan?


Image via oldnavy/YouTube

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