Robert Pattinson Is Donating All His KStew Condolence Gifts to Hospitals

robert pattinsonNow I feel like the asshole who forgot to send a present. Apparently, fans and Twihards have been sending gifts to Robert Pattinson's house by the truckload, and here I forgot to even mail a card. More thoughtful ladies than I have inundated RPattz with flowers, candy, teddy bears, marriage proposals, and I'm sure thrown in there are some very tasteful collages and/or a KStew voodoo doll or two stuffed with needles. But what's Rob going to do with a house full of roses, chocolates, and death dolls? Fortunately, he's devised a plan. The gentleman that he is, Rob is donating all the gifts to local hospitals and senior citizen centers. Lucky old farts.


I gotta believe that this is a genuine move on his part and not some P.R. play because, well, seriously, how many stuffed teddy bears holding hearts does one need in one's home? It's a wonderful gesture he's made -- I'm sure the hospitals and the retirement homes really appreciate the fresh flowers, the sweet treats, and some new toys. I do hope, though, that RPattz's people weed out the KStew doll death threats before handing the bag of condolence gifts over to the pediatric ward -- it'd be kind of awkward, otherwise.

This kind action of Rob's is one of the best things to come out of the fact that Kristen cheated. Before this news of the donations broke, I thought the only thing to benefit from the Robsten crumble was website traffic, so I'm happy to report that some hospitals and nursing homes have also been blessed by their soul-crushing split.

A source also explained that Robert feels "incredibly touched" by the outpouring of support, so if you're so inclined, do send him something special, just make sure it's age appropriate for sick children and the elderly, alike.

How sweet is RPattz for doing this?


Photo via Francois Durand/Getty

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