Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Breakup Rumors Might Not Be Total Fiction (VIDEO)

jennifer aniston justin theroux breakup star magazineWuh-oh. Once again we're hearing that there's trouble in Jennifer Aniston's paradise with Justin Theroux. (Or the tabs can't think of anything new to print this week ...) Star magazine published a story claiming that Jen's fed up with waiting for a proposal from Justin and their "insider" says she basically issued him an ultimatum. Justin reportedly shrugged his shoulders. The result? "The love is gone." Eeek!

But have no fear, Justifer fans. Seems like Jen's people really have their finger on the pulse of the rumor mill, and they were super-quick to debunk the story. Her rep blew off Star's story as "once again just another fabrication to sell magazines and has no relationship to reality." Wouldn't doubt that for an instant. But on the other hand ...


I always wonder where stories like this one originate. Are they just complete fiction -- made up by someone who wants their fifteen minutes of fame or an editor who is grasping at straws to create a coverline -- or is there even a tiny sliver of truth that spawned the claims? In some cases, you gotta admit it's the latter. And we can't always be blowing off what these tabs have to say. Think of when The National Enquirer broke the story on John Edwards' cheating scandal!

As far as Jen and Justin are concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if these two were close to dunzo. If she did want a ring on it. If she was thinking maybe their relationship was going nowhere fast or if their separate, crazy shooting schedules (she's currently in North Carolina, he's in NYC) were pulling them apart. They are both actors after all, trying to make love work in Hollywood, and we know how that tends to go ...

I honestly hope all is truly well between the celeb lovebirds, but all I'm sayin' is, being that these two are in a prime spot to find their way to Splitsville, maybe we shouldn't necessarily be so quick to dismiss a story that initially sounds like nothing more than a silly fabrication.

How likely do you think that there's some truth to Star's story?

Image via Star magazine

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