Kevin McHale Hosting ‘X Factor’ Will Make ‘Glee’ Fans Squeal!

Kevin McHale possible X Factor judgeKevin McHale may not exactly be the most leading man on Glee, but there's no denying that he's got some talent. Good news for Gleeks everywhere: seems like his recent hosting gig at the Teen Choice Awards garnered a bit of attention. Now, Kevin's name has been thrown into the ring for a potential host gig on Simon Cowell's revamped X Factor.

Artie? On X Factor? Minus the wheelchair, of course. If you ask me -- the idea is CLEARLY genius. Almost as genius as adding Britney Spears to the judging roster. Almost.


You know my favorite thing about Kevin? He's is a no-drama sort of guy. The 24-year-old actor doesn't have any horribly bad skeletons hanging in his closet, and that's definitely a great attribution for a host, eh? Not to mention, he was part of a boyband before hitting the stage at McKinley High and has prior production experience. If you ask me, all of these things sound like excellent makings for a spot on the big stage.

I mean, come on, what makes him any less qualified than, say -- Ryan Seacrest? OK, maybe that's a stretch. Ryan's dabbled in just about everything in Hollywood. However, ah ha! Kevin has a fresh perspective! You hear that? He's exciting! He's new! He's PERFECT!

It can't hurt that this will be some great press for Glee, either. Hopefully we'll see some of Kevin's closest friends, AKA Glee cast mates, in the audience. You can't blame a Glee enthusiast for hoping so, right?

Do you think Kevin McHale would be good as an X Factor host?


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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