Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Kurves at the Gym & So Should You (VIDEO)

kim kardashianOkay, ladies, let's get real. Tell the truth: What do you wear to the gym? No, seriously. What do you wear to the gym? Some random XL t-shirt you dug out from the bottom of your husband's "clothes for cleaning the garage and/or doing yard work" drawer, perhaps? Something big and loose that hides any body part that might (gasp!) jiggle while you're on the treadmill? 

Well, screw that! Because you know why? Kim Kardashian doesn't hide her kurves when she goes to the gym. Oh no. KK flaunts those babies with all the confidence of a ... Kardashian. (Oddly enough.) And for once, my friends, we can all learn a little something from Kim Kardashian's good example.


If there's one thing I truly appreciate about KK, it's how comfortable she is with her voluptuous frame. Even at the gym. It's not like she's apologizing for her body: I know I'm not a stick figure, but that's why I'm here, working out, see? I'll be rail thin soon enough, I swear!

I mean, hey. Think of it this way. Kanye didn't write a song about Kim called "Needs to Lose a Few Pounds Bitch," did he? No, I believe the name of the song is "Perfect Bitch." Yup. So throw that big t-shirt in the trash and strut your stuff, girls.

Okay, 'fess up:

What do you wear to the gym?

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