Robert Pattinson's Chums Know How to Make Him Forget Kristen Stewart

robert pattinsonAnd he's out! Robert Pattinson finally emerged from Witherspoon Manor for a fun night out with some of his dude-bros from the UK. Pattinson and his crew hit up a local country-western bar in Ojai, California for some good ol' fashioned fun. Sources reported to People: "Pattinson came in with a few friends, like three guys. There was a big party here already and they came in to hang out with the party. There were two girls that were hanging around him, but not Rob necessarily. He seemed happy, fine."

So suck it, Kristen and Rupert.


We've been hearing, non-stop, about how banged up Robert is about his split from Kristen, so it's nice to hear that the dude was out for a night of some frivolity. He deserves it. Getting your ass off the couch isn't always the easiest thing in the world in situations like this, but sometimes, it's necessary.

What Rob needed/needs is some light-heartedness in his life right now. If what we've been hearing is true, and he's been holed up in Reese Witherspoon's Heartbreak Hotel the past few weeks, wallowing in his sorrow, then yeah, he needs to get out more. His friends need to force him to go out.

You know how sometimes you don't want to go out -- the showering, the getting dressed, the talking to other people -- but then when you do, you wind up having a fun time? It's kind of like that. Rob's brohiems just need to get him out the door. The rest, hopefully, will take care of itself.

What do you think of the whole Rob/Kristen debacle?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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