Robert Pattinson's 'Daily Show' Gig Will Be Epic With These 5 Questions (VIDEO)

robert pattinson jon stewartForget GMA. Robert Pattinson is giving his first one-on-one "post-scandal" interview to ... Jon Stewart!! Hallelujah!! Because we know RPattz's appearance August 13 appearance on the The Daily Show is gonna be way more honest (not to mention entertaining) than his August 15 appearance on Good Morning America. Plus, talking to Stewart could end up being therapeutic for Pattinson -- the man can make anything funny. Plus, in a weird way, Stewart kind of predicted this whole mess!

No joke: The last time RPattz was on The Daily Show (back in 2010), Jon Stewart had the opposite of a "moment of zen" trying to wrap his head around the Twilight love triangle: "Obviously I'm a little older, I'm not as familiar with the Twilight, uh, saga, although in some respects, I do wonder ... why can't Bella Swan just make up her mind? She uses Jacob as an emotional crutch when it's obvious ... she f*ckin' belongs with Edward! I guess my point to you is this ... why is she so selfish?"


Why, indeed!!! I can't wait to see how The Daily Show host concludes that eerily prophetic statement on Monday.

Here are a few questions I really, really hope Jon Stewart asks Robert Pattinson:

1. So Rob, tell me ... why IS Kristen Stewart so selfish?!

2. Let's say you come across this Rupert Sanders guy in a dark alley ...

3. Seriously, man. You can tell me: What's the deal with Reese Witherspoon?

4. Did you see that crying Twilight fan video? What is UP with that chick?

5. So, how many guys HAS Kristen Stewart slept with?

Check out the video of Pattinson's last interview with Stewart below!

What questions do you think Jon Stewart should ask Robert Pattinson?

Image via The Daily Show

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