Rob Kardashian Says He's Headed to Law School but Law School Says Otherwise

Rob KardashianEarlier this week Rob Kardashian announced that he's headed to law school soon. His father, the late Robert Kardashian, of course was a famous attorney, so it's a logical step, and he seemed excited about it.

Monday night he tweeted: "Going to Law School very soon and so excited and can't wait! School just never ends for me!

I was excited for him too. The younger brother of the famous sisters has been flopping and fledgling with his career for awhile, finding nothing much more than a men's sock line to hang his name on. So when he said law school, I thought good for him. It will be great to see him find something of his own to focus on outside his sister's spotlight. Plus, if anyone can use a good attorney in the family it's this one who seems to get sued left and right.

But there's just one little problem ...


He hasn't been accepted to the law school he's so excited about attending. In fact, he hasn't even applied.

In response to media reports about Rob heading there, USC Gould School of Law tweeted today: "Rob Kardashian hasn't even applied to USC Law ."

Oh, Robert (can't you just hear Khloe saying this?). The guy just can't seem to win.

So maybe he just assumed he'd get in because he's a Kardashian, or maybe he's practicing positive thinking/tweeting, I don't know, but it's embarrassing at the least. I suppose the publicity could go either way for him, with regards to if they eventually accept him or not, but for a profession that requires a meticulous attention to details and making sure i's are dotted and t's are crossed, it's not exactly a good first foot forward.

Oh well, if he can't figure out how to sue the socks off someone for living, he can always going back to selling his socks.

Do you think Rob Kardashian would make a good attorney?


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