The 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion We've Been Waiting For Is Actually Happening (VIDEO)

dawson It's been nine years since we last saw Joey, Pacey, Dawson, JenJack, Grams, and the rest of the Dawson's Creek gang together last. (Feelin' old yet? I sure do.) So obviously, we are way overdue for a reunion! It's something Creek fans have been rooting for forever, and now that Katie Holmes is no longer controlled by Xenu's #1 fan, Tom Cruise single, it's looking purdy likely that we're going to get our wish ...

Especially if James Van Der Beek and the other masterminds behind his new sitcom, Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, have their way! In fact, they've already planned an awesome mini-reunion for their season premiere! So far, we know James (who plays himself on the show) will reunite with ... drum roll please ...


Busy Phillips, who played Audrey. Remember, she was Joey's roomie and dated Pacey briefly. And apparently, the premiere script will deal with "James trying to do a Dawson's reunion and his version of what that would look like." Awesome! If the ep is just going to be James and Busy pretending to wrangle Katie, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, etc., I'm sure it'll be amusing, but certainly nowhere as AMAZING as it would be if those actors actually got with the program -- literally!

I know Josh has a really horrid 'tude about a reunion, but I'd venture to guess that at this point, Katie and Michelle would be all about it. I'm guessing it's only a matter of time 'til they're on board. And even if they aren't, this is a fantastic sign of bigger, better, reunion-like moments to come ...

What we really need is to catch up with the characters -- see Joey and Pacey married with kids ... Jack and Doug married -- with Jen's kid and other kids! ... Dawson married to a similarly verbose script supervisor he met when he was working on a film -- who just happens to look EXACTLY LIKE JOEYSee -- what a FIELD DAY they could have with that!

Ah well. In the meantime, guess we just have to be content with what Don't Trust is going to give us. Fingers crossed even more of the Creek crew shows up on October 23!

How psyched would you be for a Dawson's Creek reunion?

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