Yes, Kanye West Wrote Another Song About Kim Kardashian

kanye westIf you ever had any doubts about Kanye West's love for Kim Kardashian, allow me to direct you to his latest power-ballad about the reality star, entitled, "Perfect Bitch."

"Perfect bitch" is a track from Yeezy's upcoming album, Cruel Summer. Apparently, the rapper surprised clubgoers in New York recently by taking control of the DJ booth and pumping this jam, which is in reference to Kim. A source said about the song: "[He raps] verses about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the 'perfect bitch.'" Also, side bar, Kanye showed up at the club with Leonardo DiCaprio. Random.

So now that's four songs Kanye's mentioned Kim in: 2008's "Viagra"; in his guest spot on Jamie Foxx’s "Digital Girl"; and most recently, and controversially(?), "Theraflu".

And now "Perfect Bitch." So sweet.


Now, I've tried not to like Kanye West. Honestly, I have. After that whole Taylor Swift debacle, I was kind of grossed out. I mean, the ego you have to have to do something like that. But everything dude does is goood. He's incapable of putting out a bad track. And he legit knows his fashion to boot. All that aside, though, he seriously need new titles for his songs. "Viagra"? "Perfect Bitch"? "Theraflu"? The hell?

Doesn't really matter what I think though, now does it? What's important is what Kim thinks. And I think she likes his song titles. I think she likes being his perfect bitch.

What do you think of the title "Perfect Bitch"?


Image via Kanye West/Twitter

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