Kate Middleton Does the Impossible & Makes a Windbreaker Look Chic

Kate MiddletonI can't with Kate Middleton anymore. I just. Can't. Thus far, the Duchess of Cambridge has managed to do the impossible during her stint as an Olympic Ambassador/featured Summer Games spectator: She has looked unbelievably chic, while at the same time looking "sporty" and like she totally belongs at a track or swim meet. And now, she's taken things a step further -- she's worn a windbreaker to watch the sailing events. And, unsurprisingly, she looked damn good doing it.


I want you to picture, if you will, any other female "celebrity" wearing a windbreaker -- a red, white, and blue windbreaker, no less. Can you think of anyone else who could pull it off like Kate? I mean, seriously, who looks good wearing a windbreaker? She did it with a polo shirt, and now this? This is ridiculous. Is there an article of clothing the woman can't pull off? She looks like a Ralph Lauren ad in all the photos. It's out of control. She needs to be stopped.

You see, like traveling in style, looking polished at sporting events isn't easy. There's a fine line between looking "too done" and looking chic. And there's also an art form to looking chic and like you're there to watch a game -- without looking like you're in a costume. Kind of like how you don't want to wear the concert t-shirt to the concert.

Kate, obviously, has perfected this art form. All hail.

Can you think of another female celeb who could pull off the windbreaker?

Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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