Better Look Out, B*tches -- Snooki Smells a Fricken' Rat!

snooki Snooki is mad as hell and she's not going to take it anymore! Apparently it was a friend -- not just some random garbage-picking paparazzo -- who leaked the Jersey Shore star's baby shower invite to the press last week, dooming what would have no doubt been a quiet and tasteful affair to complete and total chaos. The horror! (That's Sunday, August 12, in case you missed it! Snooki is registered at Little Meatballs R' Us!)

According to an insider, Snooki is "livid." And I can't say I blame her. The insider also says that Snooki "knows there is a big rat in her camp," and "when she finally confronts who did it, it’s not going to be pretty."

Okay, question: Who in their right mind would do something to make Snooki mad? Especially now, with all those preggers hormones coursing through her veins! Does no one else remember the threat: "I'll cut a b*tch if you mess with my baby"? (Sends a chill right down your spine!)


I'm just saying, this is probably a really, really bad time to cross Snooki. Hey, I've been pregnant, I know what it's like. Even totally benign comments can set you off: "Hey, you look nice today!" "Oh, are you trying to say I didn't look nice yesterday?! I hate you!!" (Door slams, sound of sobbing.)

So for somebody to intentionally risk getting on Snooki's bad side during this, er, magical time just seems ... foolish. Cause I think we all know what's gonna happen when she catches up with that rat ...

Just call her The Fricken' Exterminator.

Do you think a friend really leaked Snooki's baby shower invite?


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