Robert Pattinson's Post-Scandal 'GMA' Interview Will Be Must-Watch TV (VIDEO)

robert pattinson as edward cullenSince making a very public apology about her affair with director Rupert Sanders, Kristen Stewart has stayed holed up, reportedly in producer Giovanni Agnelli's home (why not with her parents, we don't know), and we suspect she's spending her time crying into pints of Ben & Jerry's. Meanwhile, though, equally distraught Robert Pattinson has bigger, bolder, much more public plans. Like "finally ... speaking exclusively" to Good Morning America in an interview next week. GMA made the big announcement today during its program.

OMG. Yes. It's true!


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Although "speaking exclusively" doesn't necessarily mean that he's going to discuss his relationship that was still pretty darn private (and barely confirmed!) up until Kristen told the world that she cheated. But the way GMA is promoting it, you would think the interview was set up as his very own opportunity to clear the air, tackle that elephant in the room, etc.

Check out the teaser ...

Weird, right?! If they actually do discuss Kristen in this interview -- or if the whole Q&A is actually built around that -- it's going to feel so bizarre. Why would he need to do something like sit down with Lara Spencer and say he's heartbroken and doesn't know how he can go on without the love of his life? Or that he's over it and moving on and looking toward the future, which will obviously include even more "challenging" roles (and perhaps more faithful girlfriends)?

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I know nothing is off the table now when it comes to talk shows jumping on the biggest gossip story of the moment. (Just look at how ratings-hungry Oprah deigned to speak with Kim Kardashian!) But hasn't this scandal grown a little too big for its britches? It's not like either party is a politician or Tiger Woods -- someone who needs to do a damage control-ish sit down like this to win back public approval. SO strange!

Then again, maybe he's just planning on answering a few dry Qs about his upcoming flick Cosmopolis. Guess we will just have to wait and see!

Why do you think Rob is doing this interview, and what do you think he will reveal?


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