'Kristen Stewart' Comes Clean About Why She Cheated on Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

kristen stewart explains cheatingAs much as we know about the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, one big, burning question remains: Why?! Why on earth would Kristen squander her fireworks-sparkin', fan-friendly, media-beloved, PR-dream relationship with Rob, her true Twilight love? Oh, sure, we've speculated that it had to do with fear of marriage, boredom, or even the fact that KStew is too young and immature to sustain a long-term commitment.

But now ... we have an explanation straight from "Kristen Stewart"! As in comedian and actress Laura McDonald, who does a meeean KStew impersonation. And all you really need to know going into it is that it's HILARIOUS!

Check it out:


Okay, so I know we're not supposed to be laughing at Kristen's expense, because girl's going bawling her eyes out 24/7 right now, but this is PRICELESS. Not only is Laura the best at nailing Kristen's awkward mannerisms and perpetually befuddled, hipster-Valley Girl speak ("I ended up having to do sex with Rupert, like, a bunch!"), but how amusing are those RPattz moving boxes in the background ("RPATTZ HOODIES") and "Rupert Sanders," tricking dense, gullible KStew by putting on a Edward Cullen-ish wig? Ha!

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With the curiosity about this pair reaching the fever pitch that it has, the scandal was DUE for a parody. You know SNL would have been all over it if they weren't on summer hiatus, and this is as good or better than any sketch I've seen on that show lately. (Actually, with Kristen Wiig's departure leaving a vacancy for a funny female, SNL might want to think about hiring Laura!) So thank goodness for YouTube, and props to Laura McDonald for knocking it out of the ballpark. 

How hilarious is this?!

Image via barelypolitical/YouTube

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